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Opel at the 66th Frankfurt International Motor Show

29.08.2023 10:37

Opel at the 66th Frankfurt International Motor Show

Rüsselsheim / Frankfurt. The world premiere of the new Opel Astra (www.opelbook.ru/en/astra) will take place at the International Motor Show IAA, which will be held in Frankfurt from 17 to 27 September 2015. The new model represents a real quantum leap in the compact car class in terms of efficiency, connectivity, and top class features and amenities combined with a new sporty design. The space cabin D09 A09 Galaxy in hall 8.0 with a total area of more than 3,300 square meters is entirely dedicated to the new generation of the successful Opel model. Entirely recreated on a blank white sheet of paper, the Astra is lightweight and powered exclusively by the brand's latest generation of engines. The model impresses with a host of new electronic safety and driver assistance systems, which are unparalleled and even mark their premiere in this class of vehicle, such as the revolutionary IntelliLux LED® anti-glare matrix headlight system. The Astra is also the first new Opel model to offer the Opel OnStar system, the second major IAA attraction since its launch. The system of personal communication and mobile services provides an optimal connection to the global network 24 hours a day and makes the trip more enjoyable and stress-free. In addition, the next generation of IntelliLink infotainment systems will debut at the show with two new devices: which has been IAA's second major attraction since its launch.

“Astra opens the door to a new era in the development of the Opel brand. Two years ago at the Frankfurt Motor Show, we unveiled the Monza Concept Studio, which combines exceptional efficiency with a complete, unique communication experience. Now we are introducing a completely new generation of our Astra, in which many of the revolutionary features of the concept model are already a reality. The new Astra is more efficient, lighter and more comfortable than ever before. Together with Opel's OnStar system and next-generation IntelliLink, it takes the compact car class to a new level in terms of connectivity and smartphone integration. I invite you to visit our booth at the IAA and explore the breathtaking Astra Galaxy with us.

But only the new Astra will not be shown at the brand's stand. Visitors to the showroom will be able to get acquainted with about 30 models at the exhibition at the spacious Opel stand. For those who want to get to know the Opel brand and its various areas of activity better, experts from the company's product group, vocational training specialists, the Opel Bank customer information center and many other departments will be available companies. and we will be happy to answer by sharing information with everyone. Opel has prepared another special highlight for the public days of the exhibition, when many famous athletes from the German football Bundesliga will take part in the booth, so visiting the Astra Galaxy at the IAA will be worth more than once.

Leap in quality in the compact class - the new Opel Astra

Lighter, more economical and more dynamic, the future-oriented development of the Monza concept, shown at the IAA in 2013, served as a role model for the creation of the eleventh generation compact model of the Opel brand. Every component and every detail of the studio's design, revealing the future of Opel models, has been designed to best reflect the idea of ​​maximum efficiency, and the new generation of Astra brings this philosophy to life - depending on the version and level of equipment, the new 200 kg model lighter than its predecessor, mainly due to a completely new structural architecture. All components of the car have been carefully tested to achieve the most compact dimensions and the use of the lightest materials.

The powertrain lineup of the new Astra also plays a big role in improving the performance of the new generation on the road - under the hood of every new Astra you can find one of the representatives of a completely new range of engines with a power range of 70 kW / 95 thousand s. up to 147 kW / 200 hp Petrol and diesel units with a displacement of up to 1.6 liters, without exception, combine maximum efficiency with excellent dynamic performance, soft and silent operation. The all-new 1.4 ECOTEC Direct Injection Turbo engine marks the premiere of the new Astra generation. The four-cylinder unit with lightweight all-aluminum construction is available in 92 kW / 125 hp. and 110 kW / 150 hp, and the maximum torque reaches 245 Nm. Depending on the power, the average fuel consumption in the combined cycle is reduced to 4. 9 liters per 100 kilometers (114 g/km CO2). Three-cylinder 1.0 ECOTEC Direct Injection Turbo engine with a maximum output of 77 kW / 105 hp it is the most economical unit in the petrol range with an average fuel consumption of up to 4.2 liters per 100 km (96 g/km CO2). And all versions of the "whispering diesel" 1.6 CDTI with a capacity of 70 kW / 95 hp, 81 kW / 110 hp respectively. and 100 kW / 136 hp Combined with a 6-speed manual transmission, CO2 emissions are below 100g/km, the most economical of which currently delivers an average consumption of 3.4 liters per 100km and carbon dioxide emissions of 90 grams per kilometer.

The Astra's new generation styling also exudes a sense of sheer efficiency. Another evolutionary step in the Opel brand's stylistic philosophy, combining plastic craftsmanship and German precision, gives the new Astra a lighter and sportier look. The front end, with a new double-striped grille, blends seamlessly into the crisp lines of the front matrix lamps. However, the most striking design element of the new model is the "broken" rear side pillars, creating the impression of a "floating" roof. With an overall length of 4.37 meters, the new addition to the range is almost 5.0 centimeters shorter than its predecessor, while the body height has been reduced by 2.5 centimeters to 1.48 meters. Thanks to the light and aerodynamic lines of the body,

A more compact exterior and a more spacious interior are the main merit of Opel engineers in achieving this seeming combination of qualities. Rear seat passengers can enjoy an impressive 35 millimeters of extra space over the previous generation of the model. The layout of the instrument panel is also the epitome of a philosophy of maximum efficiency - the number of buttons and switches is kept to a minimum, and the control of most infotainment system functions is displayed on a large touch screen. Thus, the ergonomics of the driver's seat remains at an excellent level, and the clarity of control functions is significantly increased. The award-winning IntelliLink infotainment system is located in the center of the center console.

The new Astra also plays a pioneering role in terms of connectivity, comfort and safety technology - it is the first new Opel model to be offered with the Opel OnStar personal communications and mobile services system since its market launch. In addition, two new versions of the IntelliLink infotainment system will debut on the Astra, providing excellent options for easily integrating smartphone functions via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The new Astra's IntelliLux LED® intelligent matrix lighting system, which automatically maximizes the effectiveness of high beams without the risk of dazzling other road users, is another absolute novelty and a strong focus on safety. There are also a number of innovative electronic driver assistance systems, using the basis of the latest generation Opel Eye front camera and providing additional support to the person sitting behind the wheel - a more complete and accurate function for recognizing traffic signs, lanes. hold function, which now offers automatic steering adjustment, as well as a forward collision warning system with self-braking function. A new generation of high-end, AGR (Orthopaedic Back Health Initiative) certified ergonomic seats offer extra comfort with a unique combination of adjustable side supports and massage, ventilation and personalization functions.

A new benchmark for excellent communication quality and stress-free driving pleasure - Opel OnStar system

With the beginning of the era of the new Astra, the Opel brand marks the beginning of a new era in terms of in-car connectivity. The first cars with the Opel OnStar system appeared on the roads just a few days ago. The system of personal communication and mobile services make driving much more pleasant, comfortable and, most importantly, stress-free. The revolutionary system should be consistently implemented in the model range of the brand's cars. The system will initially work on the territory of 13 European countries, and in the future others will join them. Customers will be able to take advantage of the full range of services offered by the Opel OnStar system, including automatic emergency call in the event of a traffic accident, 24/7 emergency service, roadside assistance, etc. help with a stolen car and a Wi-Fi hotspot with a high-speed mobile 4G LTE connection for free for the first 12 months after registration. With the introduction of this technology, the Opel brand is once again demonstrating its commitment to providing access to high-tech technologies for a wide consumer audience.

With Opel OnStar, drivers can connect with a qualified employee at the touch of a button - any time of the day, 365 days a year. Opel OnStar automatically recognizes the driver's language through the settings of the on-board infotainment system. In this way, the client is automatically and directly connected to an employee who speaks his preferred language. Even when not in the car, through the myOpel smartphone app, customers can get information about certain features, locate the car, and lock or unlock it. The Opel OnStar system is fully focused on emergency services and does not have a monitoring or tracking function. With one click of the privacy button, the current location of the car can be hidden.

Innovation 50 Years Ago - Premiere of IAA Bestseller Kadett B

Realizing the vision of the future and providing access to innovative technologies for a wide range of consumers - in these two areas, the Opel brand boasts a long tradition. Exactly 50 years ago, half a century before the premiere of the most productive Astra in history, Opel made a splash in Frankfurt with its next avant-garde model. At the IAA show in 1965, the automobile company introduced the predecessor of today's Astra - Kadett B. The successor to the first post-war Kadett (www.opelbook.ru/en/kadett) has become available in three body styles since its market premiere - a two- or four-door sedan . , station wagon version, CarAvan and elegant sports coupe. The model is a resounding success. In subsequent years, a total of 2.6 million copies will roll off the company's production lines.

Cars and more - that's all Opel

Opel's new compact class is the main focus of the entire galaxy at the Astra Galaxy booth at the IAA. But visitors to the show can learn more about the Rüsselsheim-based automaker at the Opel stand D09 in Hall 8.0. This year, Opel is celebrating 150 years of job training - anyone who wants to learn more about work and career opportunities within the company can ask local experts questions in Hall 8.0 or at the IAA Job and Career 2015 showroom.” In chamber 4.0. In addition, exhibitors from across the Astra Galaxy (Booth D09) include Opel Bank, Opel Rent (car rental) and Opel Auto Insurance.

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