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Skoda Kodiaq - a lot of cars at a reasonable price!

29.08.2023 10:39

Skoda Kodiaq - a lot of cars at a reasonable price!

On the evening of September 1 in Berlin, at a special event, the people of the flying arrow showed their mid-size SUV Skoda Kodiaq (www.skodabook.ru/en/Kodiaq). The word average is definitely not the most accurate for a car that offers a seven-seat variant and plenty of space both in the cabin and in the trunk - 720 liters for the 5-seat version / 2065 liters with the rear seat folded down / . We can't say the car outperforms the competition, at least until we see pricing, but Skoda is trying to stay true to its 'many cars at a reasonable price' credo anyway.

Even before the official presentation of the model, a lot was known, the name and even the presence of "smart" / Simply Clever / details, so characteristic of the new models from Mlada Boleslav. But during a real gala performance in an old production building, we figured out other details. In Europe and in our country, the model will be available with two 2.0 TDI diesel engines of different power - 150 hp. / 340 Nm and 190 hp / 400 Nm. But a weaker engine is more economical - the average fuel consumption is only 5.0 l / 100 km, and a more powerful one, of course, is more dynamic - its acceleration from standstill to 100 km / h is 8.6 s.

The length of the new SUV is 4697 mm, width, height and wheelbase - 1882, 1676 and 2791 mm, respectively. The base wheels are 17 inches, with 18 and 19 inches available as options. The drag coefficient is very good for a crossover - 0.33. An adaptive DCC chassis with off-road mode in all-wheel drive variants will also be available as an option. It, in turn, adapts the operation of the engine, transmission and suspension, ABS and electronic stabilization to difficult road conditions.

There are three petrol engines - two 1.4 l TSI - 125 hp, 200 Nm or 150 hp, 250 Nm, and the third - 2.0 TSI - 180 hp, 320 Nm. Large petrol and diesel engines are usually combined with all-wheel drive, and in other cases only front-wheel drive options are possible. Gearboxes - six-speed manual or robotic six- and seven-speed dual-clutch DSG, depending on the engine, the latest robot is brand new, capable of withstanding loads of torque up to 600 Nm.

In the future, the appearance of a variant with a 240 hp biturbodiesel is not excluded. and maximum torque of 500 Nm. RS and Scout variants are also quite possible. Skoda Kodiaq also has start-stop systems for energy recovery when braking.

The five-seater version is basic, and the seven-seater will be paid extra. The second row seats can be moved 180 mm in length. Interior length 1793 mm. The lines of the dashboard are quite restrained, the new multimedia system is located in its center, and its capabilities depend on the level of equipment. The top version has a DVD player and 64 gigabytes of internal memory. The infotainment system has LTE and Wi-Fi, online services such as traffic information, weather, emergency call, remote car setup and location via smartphone, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, MirrorLink and SmartGate interfaces.

The top version includes Google Earth and Google Street View. Optional 10-speaker Canton audio system including subwoofer, 575W. In addition, the car has a three-zone air conditioner, the rear door opens with a movement of the foot under the bumper.

The Kodiaq is another step for Skoda to embrace the latest technology.

A useful assistant to the driver is a four-chamber round-the-clock sighting system and a trailer maneuvering assistant, which can weigh up to 2.5 tons. Parking control systems with automatic braking, traffic sign recognition, lane keeping, pedestrian detection and city traffic automatic braking are available.

The car is named after the North American bear, the island and the city of Kodiak, but the last letter is changed to "q". This, of course, was done on purpose, because of the softer pronunciation and in order not to repeat the names of the old models - the 1983 sports Kodiak F1 and the Chevrolet C-4500 Kodiak pickup truck.

The Kodiaq crossover is the first seven-seat model in Skoda's history, and the manufacturer claims that two adults can comfortably fit in the third row of seats, moving slightly forward. If you don't need it, the rear seats are tucked down to create a flat boot floor.

When creating the Kodiaq, the Czechs tried to perfect even the smallest details, using the familiar Simply Clever maxim from their other models - only smart / umbrellas in the door trim, mini trash containers and a number of other things that make life easier with and inside. car. A very useful option is the protection of the edges of the doors, which, when opened, extends a protective element that prevents damage to the edge and the adjacent parked car.

Among the new features is a voice amplification system - In-Car-Communication / car conversation /. Speech is amplified through the speakers, the driver hears passengers better, and they hear better. An option in the new car is wireless charging of electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets. The car has enough pockets, nets, hangers, you can install folding tables, attach to tablets, there are handrails for convenient luggage compartment.

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